Horned Horses
Design & illustrations

Your favorite illustration and design company! Ready to take over the world!

About us

We’re a small design & illustration company based in the Hague, NL.

We’re specialized in funny and cute illustrations, character design and doodle art. Our illustrations stand out because of their vibrant colors and unique digital drawing style.

And because they make you say: “awwww“!

What we do

Our mission is to change the world. Change the WORLD? Yes the world, step by step.

We focus on creating awesome projects that inspire people to live an awesome life!

We also want to bring those people together, discover their strengths and show them how cool they can be and we do it all through the magic of art.

Current Projects

Limited edition superhero art prints!

The goal is to create a high-end, detailed and limited edition art print by drawing 250 superheroes in my own illustrated Academy.
The result will be an amazing and colourful blend of different kinds of people and their personal strength, and now you can be part of it too!

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