Horned Horses is a design & illustration studio based in the Netherlands.

We’re specialized in doodle art, character design & branding

Every single character we draw has a name and a backstory. Note we’re not just drawing random characters, we’re trying to create an army so we can take over the world and transform it into a big, shiny, happy place for all of us. Pssst, don’t tell the big bad grown-ups 😉

Our collection

Our work is drawn by hand, sometimes on paper and sometimes on the iPad. Horned Horses’ style leans towards the Japanese ‘Kawaii’ type of art, two-dimensional characters drawn in complementary colors, often with a great touchability factor. Of course it doesn’t always have to be this particular style. We illustrate and design for our own brand, but also for freelance and licensing endeavours.

Commissions & Licensing

In the need of some refreshing visuals? Look no further, we are yours! We have had experiences with implanting visual art on websites from therapists, townships, a veterinarian, a masseuse, a vegetable collective and the list goes on. gs or any other stock usage, so please do not contact me about those!gs or any other stock usage, so please do not contact me about those!