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The plan

I will draw you as a superhero as well as 249 other people from all over the world. Together you and the other heroes will go to a special superhero school known as the Horned Horses Academy!

Sometimes we forget how awesome we are and a simple illustration can remind us of this fact. We can draw and turn you in whatever superhero you’d like to be.

awesome Superheroes

loyal sidekicks

amazing backstories

visionary headmaster

house masters

awesome Superheroes

loyal sidekicks

amazing backstories

Call to Adventure

Like everybody, superheroes need a home. But having superpowers requires some training as well. To control and enhance our superpowers we will stay at the Horned Horses Academy.

The academy is a massive building which contains a school as well as a campus. At the academy we will be taught, get to know other superheroes and have a great time! The academy consists of classrooms, test labs, training grounds, as well as dorm rooms, a kitchen, gaming arcade and many more. Along with 249 other people, you can be a member of this superhero academy, ready to start the next chapter of your life!

Join us and get awesome perks

By joining I will draw you as a superhero and you’ll receive not one, but two high-quality A2 size posters! The first poster is an overview of the Academy with all 250 superheroes who supported this project. The second poster will be a close up of you as a superhero! Because who doesn’t want to show off their superpowers, right? Two personalized posters? Great deal!

That’s not all…

You will also get access to my ‘private’ facebook and instagram account, where all new superheroes will be welcomed, where I keep you updated on the illustration progress and where you can have an influence on what things should look like by leaving comments and likes.

But wait there’s more…

To get this project really started we will give away 10 awards which include awesome prices!
All you have to do is give me additional info about you as a superhero. Be creative and tell me where your superhero comes from, what her/his hero name is, what kind of suit you’d like to wear, where your powers come from or which weapons you use. It can be an alter-ego, the person you wish to become or the person that you already are.

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