Horned Horses is a design & illustration studio based in the Netherlands.

We’re specialized in doodle art, character design & branding

Every single character we draw has a name and a backstory. Note we’re not just drawing random characters, we’re trying to create an army so we can take over the world and transform it into a big, shiny, happy place for all of us. Pssst, don’t tell the big bad grown-ups 😉


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Do you want to compliment your project, brand or company with personalized illustrations? Custom made illustration/characters are a great way to show the uniqueness of your business. 

As illustrators specialized in branding and character design we make sure your business and your products stand out in the crowd. It’s our goal to create designs and illustrations that emphasize your message and make sure your business has the right appearance and feel.

Our illustrations are not limited to cute doodle art, but cover the whole vector illustration palette. We create illustrations and characters for fashion, websites, blogs, events, social media and more.

If you would like to discuss your next project, please contact us via info@hornedhorses.com